Reliable company in outsourcing business

3Alpha Data Entry Services is the most professional outsourcing company and is serving the industry since 2008 with 15+ years of management experience. We are based at Ahmedabad in Gujarat which is one of most prosperous and fastest developing cities of India.

We serve best quality work with a nuance in technique and approaches, keeping pace with time. Our earnest attempt is to concoct newness in the world of Data entry services. Excellence in work is a major motive for our Company. However, we offer more than merely a good piece of work. Our practical experience and client centric approach have helped us to recognize the core concepts of outsourcing - accuracy in work, time pressed delivery and cost effectiveness. We honour fidelity, and dedication of work. Hence, the industries commemorate us as the top attraction for unerring service to both national and international clients.

Our ever-increasing client list is exemplary to unparallel services we provide our clients. Internet has set its monopoly in almost all aspects of our lives. Data entry jobs that were once accomplished manually now make use of advanced computer application. Technology changes with time and so do we. With years of experience in the field, we emerge as a sturdy organisation known for most expeditious delivery of unique works.

Key Advantages

M atchless performance concomitant with strong business ethics is the key to success. Our articulate customer service facilities involve:

  • Profitable organisation with low overhead charges
  • Well built infrastructure with high speed internet
  • Active telecommunication system
  • Spacious office building
  • Sufficient employees to share pressure of work
  • Super skilled staff with many years of experience
  • Specialist staffs for each domain of work
  • Long training schedules for staffs
  • Efficient and well groomed management professionals
  • Working in shifts that proves beneficial to our clients
  • Integrated level of customer satisfaction
  • Update regular working details and progress to client
  • Emphasis on Customers need
  • Work performed with accuracy and perfection
  • Thorough quality control checks before delivery
  • Maintain privacy of information

It is not at all easy to maintain a prominent identity in this highly competitive environment. But we are proud to maintain our consistency as the most dependable outsourcing company. Our long list of clientele comprise of companies that represent different sectors of the industry. The noteworthy ones are from Real Estate, Publishing, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance sector, , Insurance agencies, etc. Our accredited outsourcing solutions have helped us in catering to clients located in the major English speaking nations like USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Manpower Resource

The primary credit of our superb quality of service goes to our team of experts. They are highly skilled and practically trained to execute tailor made outsourcing requirements with the highest level of precision. They are well versed in handling latest tools and implementing cutting edge technologies that would help our esteemed clients reach their desired goals. Our staffs are also given additional in-house training on each project they are supposed to work on so that they can assure 99.99% accuracy. We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients. So, our staffs report to the customers on daily basis to make them updated about the work. Hence, this practice makes our clients remain confident of highly result oriented and high quality services from us. We live a vision India that sees tomorrow. We gladly offer free trial services and sample presentation before pilot project execution to help you make better decision. Do call us today and get connected with us!