Outsource data cleansing services to India

Since data is one of the most precious business assets, 3Alpha Data Entry Services understands how to value client data. We take care of every datum and clean it precisely in order to ensure that it is in excellent working order. As data cleaning is one of the core services of 3Alpha Data Entry Services, we employ our team of highly professional personnel for the work. These skilled professionals understand how to value your prized data so that you can harness maximum benefits from the same.

Data Validation

W e recheck the cleaned data for any inaccurate data or records that might have skipped our attention. 3Alpha Data Entry Services takes pride in its state of the art infrastructure. We are capable of handling any volume of work that we get from our clients.

Data Verification

W e verify the cleansed data for any spelling mistakes or typos. We are especially careful about implementing the best professional processes that will give full proof results in the shortest possible time.

Data Formatting

W e reinvestigate the data precisely to discover and delete any obsolete data or record that might be still present. We also understand that price is a driving factor for clients after accuracy and meticulousness of service. So, we are committed to provide the most affordable data cleansing services.

Data De-Duplication

W e reassess the cleansed data to find out if there is any duplicate records, and remove them. Affordability, accuracy, quality and timely delivery – we belong to the category of those handfuls of data cleansing companies where these four requirements are optimally valued

Data Updation

W e can update data from the sources available from internet as well as any other offline sources of data that is archived years before. Since we value your cooperation, we strictly ensure that you get the quality you deserve. Thus, before delivering back your assignment we follow a thorough quality checking process so that you can rely on our services.

Data cleaning aids your corporate processes and helps in making better data presentations and better business decisions. But we have more to offer in respect to other data cleansing companies.

We give assurance that our Data Verification and Data Validation services will generate the most accurate mailing list for marketing. Hence, we help in enhancing your marketing ROI and saving more money than most economical data cleaning service provider in the industry. When you put your faith upon us as your outsourcing partner for data cleaning and data scrubbing, we reciprocate back by investing our skilled professionals for executing the task. Hence, while your expenditure on resources and manpower gets saved you can remain rest assured that you will get the most accurate solutions. As a result, you can concentrate on your core business activities and utilize your manpower in their fields of expertise so that your profits can grow. We commit ourselves for producing the most error-free and high quality data cleaning and data validation processes so that the efficiency of your business gets intensified. Our strict quality control processes, team of experts and commitment towards customers help us in meeting your expectations.

Hour It Works

We request clients to send in their data cleaning requirements. For your information, we welcome any input source like MS Excel Spreadsheet, MS Word Document, MS Access or any other database. Moreover, we also process requests about specific file format like, CSV or ASCII. After a thorough analysis the processes that will be followed to execute the task are defined. It generally involves decision on the overall processes ranging from project planning to implementation and to the final delivery. We conduct a test project to estimate the cost that will we will quote for a specific data cleaning assignment and start the project after client approval. For basic data cleaning requests, we cover services like removing duplicates, fixing errors, removing scrap data, formatting the data resources, etc. For Data Validation and verification requests, we do web research to confirm the availability of existing data and make relevant updates. We perform validation, mechanized quality control and manual auditing prior to the final dispatch. Make the final dispatch following the mode already specified by the client. Our data cleaning outsourcing services also cover provision of online assistance and making updates on the Web Based or remote client system.