Offshore data processing services in India

3Alpha Data Entry Services is a prominent name in the world of data processing which has been serving its global clients all these years with world class data processing services.

Data Processing Solutions

W e have years of expertise in handling different types of standard data processes. Therefore, the basic data processing solutions that we offer includes Word Processing, Check Processing, Survey Processing and Image Processing. Along with the provision of these regular data processing outsourcing services, we also offer back office support services to our clients.

Quality Control

T he quality control system of 3Alpha Data Entry Services is very strict. Our motto is to provide data processing services that are professionally handled and qualitatively superior. The process of batch programming is conducted for word based data processing solutions. All the data are validated and put under stringent control in the first stage. At the second stage, the data are manually checked. For this, we assign an auditor with the responsibility of checking every data carefully. Contextual inquiries are randomly generated at this stage in order to detect any errors that might have skipped our attention in the first stage. A report is generated by the auditor at the end of the process which is then forwarded to the supervisor for final review. When the processed data pass through the review stage successfully, they are sent to the respective clients in their preferred formats.


W e are among those few data processing companies who believe in creating a fully transparent environment in the workplace and encourage clear understanding between us and our esteemed clients. Hence, we prefer informing our clients about the procedure we will follow before every project we execute.

We believe in creating smooth and permanent relationships with our outsourcing clients. Thus, we keep on striving hard constantly to modify our services further so that more and more clients depend upon us. The advantages of data processing services offered by us includes: Provision of highly efficient data processing solutions, Reliability of service at the most cut-throat price quotes, Precise execution of client requirements with the help of our highly skilled experts, Provision of strictly time based data processing solutions, Guarantee to improve the workflow of clients who rely on us, Effectively handling extensive range of data and sending back the final files in the most tailor-made format and Assistance of our customer.

We request for specifications clients have in mind while we take up data processing assignments from them.

An extensive study is conducted by our team to understand the technical requirements of every data processing project.

A ‘Scope of Work’ is generated after the study. We also set particular ‘Quality Parameters’ at this stage that is supposed to be followed by us for that project.

How It Works
  • Detailed review of client’s requirements
  • Preparing queries if any
  • Communicating with clients
  • Finalize the process to follow
  • On-time delivery of jobs
  • Getting feedback from clients