Outsource ebook conversion services to India

At 3Alpha for ebook conversion services, we welcome you to convert your books (electronic or hard copies) to any ebook publishing format. We offer high quality and low cost ebook conversion services which are compatible to all available reading devices.


Q uality, the name it-self justifies what is expected. We can provide OCR conversion prior to converting hard copy books (not restricted to any language) and achieve 99.99% accuracy before publishing the same ebook document. Quality eBooks are synchronized to be read on Amazon Kindle, Apple devices, Sony reader, Nook and lot more devices. A thorough check for ebook validation is undertaken to maintain quality, which has made 3Alpha capable to get optimum points on the part of Quality.

Visual Integrity

T here are over 35 major ebook readers in the market; including mobiles which now a days can read eBooks too and each platform requires a different format. It is very important to maintain visual consistency for content of the book. At times too many choices may lead to confusion which always leads to bad decisions, so you name the reader format and we make sure a high quality ebook is created for that particular device.


W e provide low cost and accurate pricing for ebook conversion services. Before providing a confirmed quote we process few pages from the book; understanding the complexity if any i.e. images, linking, footnotes or endnotes, hyperlinks, tables etc. Price for an ebook conversion can be a fixed price per book or can be per page cost depending upon the volume and number of characters involved. At the end, we can assure of a very competitive price with high quality output.

We craft wide range of ebook formats especially hold expertise in ePub documents and fire them to all available epub reading devices. Our experts take special care for each part of the book, whether it may be introduction, dedication, notes or table of contents. With help of comprised hyperlinked table of contents, style sheet and required fonts embedded, we make sure that simple navigation is maintained on the reading device.

Faster Turnaround Time

With team of experts and trained professionals in the field of ebook conversion services, we behold the art of project management and time estimation. Projects undertaken range from a single book conversion to hundreds of them, we are capable to handle your requirements with faster turnaround times.