Our competitive advantages for Excel data entry

At 3Alpha Data Entry Services we understand that making data entry in excel sheets and rechecking them for accuracy is a painstaking task that kills your time and energy. Therefore, we have developed ourselves to such an extent that you can get the most accurate excel data entry services at unbelievingly economical rates here!


W e can input data available from telephone directories, exhibitors list, business directories, doctor’s directories, lawyers or attorney directories..


I nput words and their meanings from different dictionaries available in specific languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. We can key the information that is available from different sources like hard copies or from online dictionaries.

Product Catalog

W e can input product information available from online catalog from websites, hard copy catalog, PDF format for industries like Retail, Automobile, Manufacturing, Architecture, Plumbing and more.

Thanks to our expert personnel who pay individual attention to every client generated task. The team has profound knowledge in different excel tricks, such as creation of forms, establishing shortcuts and inserting graphs and charts. The years of hands-on experience and regular task of handling voluminous data entry works have further refined their skills. They have practical knowledge on how to perform bulks of manual and computerized entries per day, create contents, control the quality of output, anticipate errors and fix them, and how to help you in generating profit from the work! These skills optimize the efficiency of the team at 3Alpha Data Entry Services much more than any amateur person.

Quality Assurance

We are strict about our quality of services. After the execution of each work, we ensure that they pass through our quality control measures. Notably, the computerized excel data entry tasks are passed through macros as well to detect any wild entry and fix it immediately before final dispatch.