Manual & Automated HTML data extraction

We believe that HTML data extraction services were never so remarkable before the launch of 3Alpha Data Entry Services. It is the right place for those who are keen on finding quick, convenient and cost effective service providers who can extract data from HTML pages.

Quality Parameters

W e are strict about the quality parameters. So, our output files get processed by manual as well as computerized methods before they are finally dispatched. This prevents presence of wild data and repeated information.


W e assure our clients that we maintain high level of confidentiality and privacy. Your bonus on this will be the prices we ask for our services and the dedication our expert team shows in order to make you fully satisfied.

Complex HTML Data Extraction

W e can even handle the most complex HTML data extraction processes by integrating various visual basic programs. We also use excel files to mine data extensively.

We implement manual as well as automated applications in order to extract accurate data from HTML pages. We can also extract data from web sources like online databases and dynamic websites. We can capture and convert data into formats like MS Word, Excel, CSV, etc. We know how to extract HTML metadata. We can import data as per client specified format like rows, columns, field of source content, etc. and the output files in any specific database. We can convert unstructured data into client specified structured format.

One Stop Solution for HTML Data Extraction

You can always consider us as your one stop solution provider for all your queries like how to extract HTML data from databases, how to export to excel files from different web pages, etc.

Competitive Rates

We offer our services at a very competitive rates in the market.