Outsourcing image conversion to India

We have been in the industry for years now and our professional team has executed plethora of image conversion tasks till date. Therefore, we know the technology that needs to be carried out and the expertise that is required to convert images to any format.


O ur team of professionals analyses each project immediately as they arrive to us to understand its requirement. We also identify whether we need any extra data for producing the prescribed image conversion. We estimate the process that will be followed to deliver the specified output format and the time we will take to convert image to Text, convert image to Excel or perform other image conversions.


W e use the latest tools to scan the images and save them in our system. We also make the required edits in the images during this process so that the quality of the final output can be retained. We convert the scanned and edited images now in the client recommended format by using our updated software.

Quality Checks

W e prioritize on quality control at every stage. This is usually done by incorporating computerized as well as manual methods as per the case before delivering final files.

Do you need to convert image to Text but fear that the output quality will be deteriorated? You can rely upon us. We can additionally give you customized services by transferring your image files into the formats you need!

We have streamlined our offerings into services and solutions to meet your requirements precisely.

Services We Offer
  • Image to Text
  • Image to Doc
  • Image to XLS
  • PDF image to Excel
  • PDF image to Word
  • Image to Webbased System