Outsource document indexing services to India

Although indexing of documents and retrieving them is considered as time consuming affair for most corporate clients, the scenario has been changed now by 3Alpha Data Entry Services. We believe that we belong to the class of indexing service providers who offer the most qualitative data management services and indexing solutions that remarkably fits your budget! Our range of services include indexing of library books, journals, business magazines, manuals, white papers, legal documents, medical reports, plus a lot more. Complying with the different indexing specifications, we have upgraded our infrastructure by adopting different methods of indexing, information recovery, cataloging, archiving and conversion of documents. In nutshell, we aim at catering to the needs of different clients with different preferences and requirements.

Zonal OCR Method

W e apply the zone OCR or zonal OCR method for indexing images, printed documents and typewritten resources. This highly up-to-date technology enables us to follow a standardized format for indexing, labeling and retrieval of information and documents.

Manual Method

A lthough manual method has been discarded by and large for generating incorrect results, we still rely on it! Thanks to our team of experts who are dedicated to their services. They meticulously conduct manual data entry to interpret, arrange and index handwritten and typewritten documents that are illegible and poor quality images which do not follow a homogeneous format of indexing, categorizing and information retrieval.

Benefits of document indexing services can be understood by means of a simple question: Can all the digitized and stored data be retrieved easily? Perhaps not because the image based documents cannot be searched and retrieved using any keyword. So, the only solution to this problem is indexing. However, there are other benefits of this service too.

Indexed documents can be searched and retrieved in no time. This rule is applicable for all the documents, whether prints or images. While information retrieval is a gruesome process, manual indexing service is tedious. It increases expenditure on human resource. Thus, a much better alternative is index outsourcing service. It is convenient to integrate indexed documents with all other related materials.

Our Work Flow
  • We encourage clients to send us the indexing requirements.
  • The documents are analyzed, classified and categorized with keywords.
  • We produce a trial indexing service for you to exhibit our quality and price estimate.
  • We provide an integrated service from project planning to final delivery.
  • Output is given in the form of web based updates or as per the specifications.

We entertain all sorts of indexing inputs like scanned documents, handwritten information and online resources that need to be accessed through web. We welcome sensitive client resources that can be retrieved by authorized entry to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or web based Document Management System (DMS) exclusively.