Outsource document and OCR conversion services

Our infrastructure is our strongest advantage. While the efficient human resource of 3Alpha Data Entry Services handles the most critical documents conversions with ease, our infrastructural framework makes us capable of handling voluminous projects and executing them right on time. Therefore, we can be approached for the following OCR services.

PDF OCR services

W e are among those service providers who can deliver close to 100% accuracy in converting PDF files. We edge over our competitors as instead of solely depending auto PDF to OCR conversions, we make use of latest tools that produce more perfect results. We are even competent enough to convert images into text formats without compromising on the graphs, diagrams, tables and equations present in the original document.

Zone OCR or Zonal OCR Services

W e have extensive knowledge about the implication and advantages of Zone OCR. Therefore, clients consider us as the most reliable and most budget friendly OCR service provider who can index different types of documents.

Forms OCR Services

W e understand that OCR forms are of immense importance to all the industries. Therefore, in order to cater to the needs of clients belonging to that sector we have polished our Forms OCR services even further. We can thus convert printed as well as handwritten forms with highest accuracy.

Why are we enjoying competitive advantages?

Competent manpower: Our staff are experienced and practically trained to execute accurate OCR conversion services.

Accurate output: We excel in character to character OCR service that generates most accurate results for bad image documents.

Editable OCR: Our OCR documents can be edited later on without any compromise in the original formatting pattern.

Multiple language support: We accept and conduct OCR services for English as well as all the major European languages with 99.99% accuracy.

Format preservation: We retain the format of charts, graphs and equations in their original format post OCR conversion instead of changing them to image format.

Book OCR Services

Our high quality OCR conversion services have enabled us to convert over thousands of books so far with 99.99% accuracy. After OCR conversion of the texts, they are proof read and manually edited by our skilled personnel so that the originality of the format remains unaltered. Therefore, the headers, footers, charts, tables, etc, of the OCR document remain as it is in the original book! In order to attain more precision in work, we also use macros and automation tools to provide tailor-made formats of the books.

Newspaper OCR Services

We also provide OCR services for newspapers. We have further fine tuned our offerings and can execute manual OCR as well as batch OCR to meet the specifications of our clients. Moreover, we can even provide data cleaning services after batch OCR has been done.