Outsource image editing & retouching services

Restoring masterpiece photos and adding special effects to simple photographs have been in great demand for quite some times now. Plethoras of advanced photo editing applications and sophisticated tools have given new hopes to photography and creative industry.

3Alpha Data Entry Services has emerged as one of the leaders in providing the most professional photo scanning services, photo editing services as well as photo restoration services. Thus, it can be said that we have become the reliable partner of people with creative minds! Our clients acknowledge us as expert in the sector. Thus, in order to return back the honor we follow a stringent quality policy and offer close to 100% accuracy at the most cost effective pricing.

Photo Restoration

A lthough restoration of old photographs is an extremely time consuming process, we have the patience and expertise to offer qualitatively superior service. We remove faded patches and blotches from old photographs during photo restoration services. We also even out the creases in these old images and manually repair the damaged edges and torn portions. We undergo the complicated processes of spot healing, regeneration of the background and foreground, revival of the objects in the photos, removal of backgrounds, etc. to make the restored photograph resemble the old source image. We can also impart sepia tone to old photos featuring simple black and white tone. Thanks to our team of experts! They have the in-depth idea of colorization of old and distorted images and photographs.

Photo Editing

A t 3Alpha Data Entry Services, an extensive process is followed to render 99.99% accuracy in photo editing services. We undergo cosmetic enhancement of photographs. We fine tune the output by superficially removing acne, whitening teeth, giving a makeover, removing the wrinkles and more. We edit hair length, change hair color and volume and photographically create hair on bald head. We control red eyes which are common photographic mistakes. We also change eye color, fix barrel distortion, fish eyes and more. We edit image orientations and size. We remove or change position of objects and persons in a photograph. We change or modify background. We merge two separate photographs together.

We wish to become the ultimate service provider for every client who approaches us and become world leaders in the global marketplace. Therefore, our list of offerings is all-embracing. Our list consists of Photo Scanning Services, Photo Editing Services, Image Editing Services, Graphic Editing Services, Photo Restoration Services, Image Correction, Photo Retouching or Image Retouching, Background Removal, Editing of digital photography, Digital Image Processing, Photo Augmentation, Photo Manipulation, Image Cropping and Resizing of Photo or Images.

Adding Special Effects

In order to make our photo editing services more tailor made, we give special effects to photographs as per client specification. You can ask us for adding frames around the photo, giving a photograph water color, oil color or pencil sketch effect, rendering retro art styles and more.