Outsource bulk document scanning to India

Scanning documents and digitizing them has become utmost necessity of today’s corporate environment. The demand is so intense that the service has become a standalone business in its turn! But handling every sort of document and scanning them with the help of the most sophisticated scanners is not the job of every service provider. It requires specialization and years of experience, and this is exactly where 3Alpha Data Entry Services has made its mark as the most client-centric and dependable scanning service provider. Besides reliability, we also enjoy client loyalty due to the affordable structure of our services along with security and feasibility of the solutions we provide. We take pride in claiming ourselves as all inclusive and highly bespoke documents scanning service provider.

Document Scanning

D ocument scanning services are concrete requirements for any big or medium sized organization to meet their costs for data retrieval, fast accessibility, multiple access at the same time and its storage for decades.

Microfilm Scanning

W e have upgraded ourselves technically to scan your microfilm documents up to 600 dpi and generate outputs that are better than the original films! We can also execute further specifications by delivering outputs in formats like text, PDF, HTML, XML, etc. We can scan and process microfilms in ranges between 16mm to 35mm.

Microfiche Scanning

T he high speed and highly futuristic scanners at 3Alpha Data Entry Services help us in scanning documents of almost every microfiche format! Therefore, whether Com, 35mm, Jacketed or 105 fiches, we provide flawless document scanning services irrespective of their formats. We also execute orders for document conversion and indexing orders with closest to 100% accuracy which majority of other service providers fail to do. You can call us now for further details.

Aperture Card Scanning

Y ou can take the privilege of the highly developed Aperture Card Scanning Service at 3Alpha Data Entry Services. Our services include conversion of paintings from aperture card to digitized formats, automatic indexing of punched cards and manual indexing for non-punched cards. While we may capture additional information that may be required for flawless drawing, you can be assured that the data can be available in the form of secure FTP uploads as well as physical DVDs.

There are more reasons than one why you must rethink about scanning your documents and switching over to digitized format.

It will help in creating a paperless office. The printed documents and paper based resources can be converted into array of image formats like JPG, PDF, TIFF, etc. The indexing system helps in faster execution of work, and the searching process of each file becomes quicker. The document management system gets convenient since the same resource can be accessed from multiple locations. The digitized back-up helps in better disaster management as all these valuable data are present either in online or offline web based systems at multiple locations at any point of time.

Our Process
  • Methodical approach: All the printed documents are arranged.
  • Modernized equipment’s: The updated scanners can handle any type and sizes.
  • Image editing: Image corrections and conversion of image formats.
  • Quality checks: Automatic quality checks and manual auditing.