Outsource HTML & XHTML data conversion to India

Whenever you wish to publish a printed content in the online platform, you will require word to html conversion service. Similarly, all your brochures, power point slide shows and other promotional sources that you wish to publish on the net would require html conversion services.

PDF to HTML Conversion

W e assure you that all your PDF files can be published on the net. You can provide us with every type of PDF file, and expect close to 100% accuracy in return! Even, your image files will also be converted here by implementing techniques like OCR conversion, manual data entry and HTML/XHTML code.


W e apply the latest HTML/XHTML coding processes to ensure that all your text files will get digitized with 99.99% accuracy.

PSD to XHTML Conversion

W e can handle large volume data conversion with high quality and on time delivery. We are proficient in converting input documents in an array of formats like PDF, TIFF, JPG and PSD.

We understand the basic differences between HTML and XHTML format precisely which most service providers do not know. We know that HTML is the most preferred markup language of the printing industry. Simultaneously, we have in-depth knowledge on XHTML and know that it is a conglomerate of XML and HTML which is used to demonstrate and illustrate data. So, we are among those choicest of service providers who know which would be the right language for a particular assignment.

You can expect something extra when you come to 3Alpha Data Entry Services. We give you the opportunity to transfer any digital document into printed formats. We can serve you with our outstanding html conversion services.

Word to HTML Conversion

Word documents that come to us in unstructured formats are manually analyzed by our team of experts to define the conversion process. This intensive process makes us assured that we will execute job within the given timeline. We can develop macros when clients ask us for Word to HTML conversion service of structured inputs.

XML to HTML Conversion

The latest technology that we implement for the task and our upgraded infrastructure are the testimony of our quality work.