Outsource conversion to Text services

Whether conversion of source file into Text or Txt format, you can rely on our services for any sort of input data. Our highly efficient team of experts handles each project with meticulousness and delivers great volumes within the committed time. The latest technologies and improved tools we have help us in providing top grade and most affordable text conversion services.

XML to Text

O ur experience in data conversion and upgraded technology enables us to provide highest precision in converting XML documents into Text/Txt format.

Image to Text

T here would not be the slightest compromise in quality when we convert scanned images into Text files. We conduct conversions from image to Text/Txt, picture to Text and photo to Text format. We guarantee that the output files will look as neat as original after the conversion processes.

PDF to Text

W e can execute conversion services for both types of PDF files, images as well as texts. Since we implement both OCR technology and double keying method for achieving more than 99.99% accuracy.

Who does not know data conversion requires digitization of printed documents simultaneously with the conversion of text formats?

Incoming data are of different formats and come from different sources. Converting them in Text by installing in-house conversion tools may be time consuming and expensive at a point of time.

At 3Alpha Data Entry Services, we are fully aware that HTML to Text conversion and XML to Text conversion services are in great demand today. We take pride in commenting that we are among those highly trusted outsourcing partners where qualitatively high services are available at a very competitive prices. You will only pay for the services that you use and will save on additional cost of software purchase and installation.

Years of Expertise

Our years of expertise has made us realize that character to character based quality check in OCR technology is best for input data which are readable and in good condition. Similarly, we understand that double keying method is perfect for contents that are difficult to read. Moreover, the technologies we use enable us to deliver the accurate output without any loss of data that may be present in the source file!

Free Trial Run

You can avail free trial run before you hire us.