Outsourcing document conversion to India

Our professional team can handle PDF to RTF conversion as well as PDF to word conversion services with ease. We integrate manual as well as computerized processes to ensure that our document conversation services are 99.99% error free.

We incorporate both manual double keying method as well as OCR technology as and when applicable to achieve precision in image to word document conversion services. The quality of image document and the output document we generate are highly comparable. In case if image document is of poor quality, our manual keying method will make it so accurate that you will find that the output document is much better than the original!

Focus on Quality

A s we always say, quality of service is our biggest strength. Whether it is a voluminous project or a short task, we apply the same stringent quality processes for types of document conversion works.

Globally Accessible Service

W e can scan your documents and convert them into word format so they can be accessed globally at any point of time by multiple persons.

High Level of Security

W e know that when clients share data with the service providers, they remain skeptical that they may be tampered with. We are different from such firms. Our IT division uses the most upgraded technology and surveillance methods to ensure that your records remain confidential.

We understand that we will enjoy client retention if we provide them quality. So, to streamline our quality of service further we use manual keying method as well as computerized OCR scanning technology. While the manual keying method helps in fixing problems with poor input sources, the computerized system ensures flawlessness in output files that come from properly formatted and readable sources.

At the final stage, we undergo manual auditing to remove any wild data that may have skipped the previous processes of quality control. Moreover, the output documents we generate after document conversion services are highly editable!

Years of Expertise

More than 15 years of experience make us different from others to understand our client requirements right on the target.

Free Trial Run

You can avail free trial run before you hire us.