Outsource XLS / CSV conversion projects to India

Retaining trust factor of the customers in this highly competitive situation is a challenge. But we have been able to prove that we are better than our competitors!

Customer Preferred Solutions

W e know that input data does not have a specific format. Even, clients have different requirements about their output format. So, we have diversified our list of excel conversion services to offer the most customized solutions.

Fast Turnaround Time

W e know that clients need time pressed solutions above everything else. So, we always pay attention to deadlines while working on any projects. Our latest tools and technology help us in faster execution of work in comparison with others.

High Accuracy Level

M ost of time when the documents are converted they have errors. Data loss in the output document is also a grave problem. But at 3Alpha we incorporate manual auditing, double keying method as well as computerized OCR technology to remove the chances of slightest errors in the final documents. Even, the data remain intact after we convert paper to excel or digital sources to excel. We guarantee up to 99.99% accuracy.

The strength of your company depends upon the quantity of data you have gathered from different sources. Since data never comes from one single source and you need to convert them into Excel, you should go for outsourcing. Here are the benefits.

Every input data that comes in the form of PDF, Microfilm, Microfiche, Word, hardcopies and handwritten documents will now be scientifically converted into a common format.

Your manpower will not remain busy in tracing the input sources any more as the converted output files are properly indexed by the outsourcing agencies. This saves your time and money.

Services We Offer
  • Paper / Book to XLS
  • Image to XLS
  • Microfilm to XLS
  • Microfiche to XLS
  • PDF to XLS
  • Doc to XLS