Outsource web data entry and extraction services

We offer web data entry services for clients who require the data entered directly into their web based applications or online database system like Customer relationship management (CRM) database, Content Management System (CMS), e-Commerce database etc.

Web Data Capture

W e can capture the required data from various sources like hard copy product catalogs or e-Catalogs from manufacturers or suppliers websites. We collect the product or item details from other e-commerce websites, research through different online resources using search engines and collect the required information as per the specifications of the project.

Duplicate Removal

T he collected information from these sources will be cleaned, de-duped and will be added into the web based system or through remote data entry.

Remote System Entry

W e can also help you input data from scanned invoices, receipts, application forms that are available directly from a web based interface or through remote systems.

Data entry using a web based interface or accessing a remote pc helps to keep your source data secure and you have full control to provide access to the details required for data entry.

Faster Turnaround Time

With our core expertise of years and skill fulled human resources we can provide very fast turnaround services at a very competitive price. Give us an opportunity to serve you and avail benefit for a free trial run.